Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chillin' Out

A bunch of flakes decided to combine their weight and drift into town with their wintery brand of chaos.

I've lived in Ohio, New York, Connecticut, and Wisconsin, among other places, so I am no stranger to winter weather. This feels pretty nice, in fact, especially since I've shaken the stomach bug that beset me in the middle of the night of the 8th, about 24 hours before the snow began to fall.

Life in this city is beginning to revive. I cannot almost hear the gears turning, looking for their rhythm.

I stepped out of my house several days after first snowfall and found these images.
[[Photos: My house, 01/12/11, Barbara Butler McCoy; Ice on the Street, 01/12/11, Barbara Butler McCoy; Sky on the Street, 01/12/11, Barbara Butler McCoy]]