Sunday, March 1, 2009

Soft and Quiet

White-out! Fat, fluffy snow is settling over the capital of the Peach State with such luscious abandon, giving me a much longed-for taste of winter. I could take pictures from the back of my home and get the sort of scenes I saw as a child in the Midwest, but I love the contrast of southern, tropical fauna blanketed in snow.

[Snow covering the palm tree and a branch of the dogwood in my front courtyard, as well as the wonderful magnolia across the street. 03.01.09]


Andrew Sum said...

Nature is indeed beautiful. All you need is to open your eyes..truly open your eyes and do not think of any things else. Here in Malaysia we do not see snow!

Barbara said...

Thank you, Andrew for your lovely comment and for visiting my blog. I wish you well in your efforts to cultivate and maintain your garden there in Malaysia, and I hope you will stop by again. Be well.