Sunday, September 28, 2008


After I saw the brilliant sky in Brian C.'s post on Sept. 25 I went in search of blues.

For one thing I found a DVD of Carlos Santana playing blues live at Montreux in 2004, a pleasant find I am still savoring. It is rather interesting I think that a girl like me, born and raised in the midwest, could be so stirred by music identified with the southern delta.

I remembered these photos taken nearly three years ago along the Augusta canal with a little Canon PowerShot A510. One of the shots provided the model for a somewhat abstract painting, but all of them nourish my affection for BLUE.

They also nourish my affection for water. Since I left home in Central Ohio I have lived in places where I could visit the water at whim - Lake Michigan, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the Puget Sound, the James and the Savannah Rivers.

So often, when I lived in Williamsburg, VA, I would pack up my books and notes and a sack lunch, head for the Colonial Parkway, and sit by the James River to 'work.' Something about the H2O just makes the creativity flow, you know - like it did for Churchill in the bath and for many of us creative types in the shower!

That's the best part - when the Creative strikes out of the blue and the ideas flow like a sweet, slow river.

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