Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Before the month is out I will be moving on to the big city, Atlanta to be precise, starting another phase of life. An ending is implied with all beginnings, I think, so this seems like a good moment to take stock and share a few images of Augusta that I will treasure. Oddly enough many of the images for this post are of vacant buildings, but I look at them and wonder what stories were lived within them and what stories might still come to life within their walls.

This vacant restaurant looks so much like an Irish pub to me. The day I shot these pictures wasamazingly bright and hot and imagining the taste of a cool pint of Guinness in its shady interior was rather mouthwatering!

I'll post some other shots of Augusta soon. Enjoy!

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BrianC said...

The last two, as well as the one with the "B" painted on the side of the building, are the most interesting in the bunch. These old buildings have so many stories - and all too often they're voiceless. Sure, one could research the title transfers at the courhouse and perhaps even find the architect's plans in some archive. But the real "life" of the building is lost, like the long-dessicated bones one finds in the desert. Just the barest remnants. I'm puzzled by the bars on that last building. An old jail?